Mural Projects


A collection of murals from over the years

I don’t accept mural commissions any more, except perhaps for very rare occasions.


A short video taken by my wife, Anna, after I had left Russia. (This project was in the center of St Petersburg) She did this for me, as I hadn’t seen the completed flat. Pics of this 1 1/2 year project below.  


Here, you can explore the ceiling work done in four different rooms. (The same Russian project as in video above. 2012)  Click for slide show scrolling.

Here are some wall elements from the St Petersburg project, including impressionistic wall paintings which were later framed with painted moldings as in the video above. (Some pieces inspired by other Artists, which my clients requested.)

 Painting a wine cellar at the entrance to a wine tasking room. 2002


 This was a fun project inside a residential conservatory. This room was attached to an adjacent wine cellar on a below-ground level. I was asked to paint a scene of the lavender fields and vineyards of southern France, where the owner liked to frequent. He also asked for other extras, which are shown here. 2006


A fantastical sea with dolphins jumping out of the water was asked of me for this scene. 2004


This was a city public art project in Pittsburg, PA, USA. I submitted the sketch, shown here, as the concept. This area of the city was looking for a visual theme to portray a bright future and development. I was asked to adjust the composition due to the power lines connected to the building, which required me to maneuver the lift carefully around it. I then went for a broken, crumbling wall appearance, exposing the new future underneath. 2005 


A fun project for Missoula, Montana.. my home town. Entitled “Garden City Tree of Life”, it’s a vision of the colorful personality and vibrancy of Missoula.. which is known as The Garden City. With it’s rich history and usage of the “peace sign”, I wanted to include it in the mural itself. If you can’t see it, squint a bit, and notice the tree of life is actually a peace sign, upside down. 2010


A decorative mural to make a tiny room look larger. 2003 


A dinning room mural, to look out over the sea. 2005 


Although many more projects were completed, only a few are shared here.