Fantasy Art

For many years, I’ve been painting fantasy imagery along with my traditional styles. It allows me to play with magic, which appeals to the child within me. Once, these were mostly pastels, now I mostly work in PS CC paint. (digital paintings)

A collection of past works

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Fine Art

Drawing since I was a child, I gained a lot of inspiration from my mother, an award-winning Artist herself. In high school, the paintings began, first as oils, then as pastels. I now work in both mediums. These days, I enjoy the moods of a more tonal approach with luminism, still exploring light.

My Facebook fine art page

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Mural Projects

Sometime around 2000, I was asked to help with set design on a local stage production. I ended up designing and painting the whole scene. This introduced me to large-scale work. Soon after, I began taking on mural projects on the side. This developed into full-time activity. After my very large project in St Petersburg, Russia, I took it upon myself to mostly retire from this work. Still, I gained much adventure and joy from it all.

Mural page

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Arthur Herring


A bit of introduction

Thank you for taking your precious time to visit and read a bit. I’ve decided to write all this myself so that if you take the time to read, you will feel that it’s from me. I’m Arthur, and I’ve been painting since 1987.

My Artist mother really inspired me as a child, but I never thought seriously that I would end up as a career Artist. My initial interest was to follow a Meteorological path, as I would study the sky hours on end. But then came along the computer and opened up a new world of opportunity in the arts.

I graduated with a degree in computer graphics in Salt Lake City. Soon after, I landed a sort of dream job, creating weather graphics for a weather software company, working beside Meteorologists.

Over the years I explored lots of different occupations, while always painting. At times I would be a full-time Artist, while other times it would be impossible. 

I feel lucky in the way that I always allowed myself the freedom to explore and diversify my styles and understanding of the creative process. Looking back, one can see a wide variety of styles in my portfolio. I’m content with this, and now I really know what I enjoy and where my heart truly is. 

These days I still have my hands in a number of creative activities. Still painting, I also accept freelance digital illustration work, and will soon begin accepting video & animation projects.   

It’s a great joy working with my wife on a large undertaking, making a partially animated film adapting a script she wrote… an adventure fantasy. We are certainly growing with this, and pushing our limits just to make it happen. From the imagery and animation to the music, foley sounds and voice acting and putting it all together into a video-editing monster.. we’re enjoying it all. Donations are gladly accepted during this time. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me direct. I will always answer shortly. Looking forward to hearing from you and discovering how I can be of service. 


Prints & Cards

  • “Kip” was a nickname which I was called from childhood.
  • In 2011 I decided to begin signing my real given name, Arthur.
  • I was fortunate in my youth to win several awards in art shows. 
  • 2011 gave me a beautiful and unique experience of a one-man show in St Petersburg, Russia.
  • Living abroad in Russia and Norway for several years, gave me great and rich experiences in my personal and professional life. 


Observing the Magic

What the natural world offers

“Much of my childhood was spent exploring natural settings. Hours of observation of the smallest nuances to the vast-ness of the open sky filled me with inspiration. During this time and throughout my life, I’ve grown to understand that nature is magic.”

“Magic of the natural world is the force which has always compelled me to paint. The process of a painting mimics the growth of a flower or tree. It is a challenging but fulfilling experience. Firstly a seed, or idea, is planted. Next, sufficient time, attention and even the right amount of light give the proper building blocks to bring the inspiration to life. It is my sincere desire to create a sense of that magic which is what the natural world has given to me. When a piece of my art hangs in a home or business I hope to offer that same magic to it’s owner.”



Deep Forests Secrets – click for cards & prints



Subtly, Soul Speaks 24 x 24 – Oil – $1180 – also click for cards & prints

Light, Shadow, Emotion

How to mimic emotion which nature evokes 

“For me, contrast has always been an important key in capturing a good portrayal of light. But, there is a delicate balance in adequate contrast and keeping a softness and subtlety in retaining a peaceful image.”

“As time has gone by I’ve become much more aware of, even inspired by, the subtleties of light. I once painted real bold and bright colors, but now I find joy and peace in softness and delicate renderings. Somehow I feel much more emotion, regardless of the subject matter I portray. This close relationship to Tonalism and Luminism lends itself well to the heart and spirit.”



Original Painting Pricing Structure

Prices for my original oil paintings are set at a standard rate per square inch. (Pastels have their own rate) Regardless of the complexity, or if you buy through me or a gallery, the price remains the same per size. (unless special framing is included) Shipping will be added. Square inch rates are accompanied by a materials and cost fee. My current general guideline for price per square inch rate is as follows: 8 x 10 to 16 x 16 = $2.5 psi + $50/ 16 x 20 to 24 x 36 = $2 psi + $50/ 36 x 36 to 48 x 48 = $1.50 psi + $100 / 48 x 60 = $1.25 psi + $300 /  60 x 80 = $1 psi + $1000 (canvas expense) Large Scale Murals will only be considered in special situations. If you have any questions about my pricing schedule, just ask.